Indoor and outdoor facilities

We are fortunate to have a large, beautiful outside play area and the children have access to this daily. Our collection of outdoor resources includes: bikes, scooters, cars, houses, climbing equipment, tunnels, water trays, water shoots, sand pits, digging areas and tools and building equipment including a cement mixer and much more!  As part of the EYFS, we plan for the outdoors with as much detail as we plan for the indoors. We use the children’s interests and aim to allow children to have access to all areas, indoor and outdoor.

Every day we set up the environment to ensure that the children will gain experiences in all areas of the EYFS and believe that an enabling environment will allow for many useful life skills. We set up the following areas daily: painting, cutting and sticking, home corner, literacy area, book corner, maths area, small world, transport, blocks, music, play dough, sand, water, bikes, and much more. We have a lot of useful resources that enable the children to thrive.